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Program For 8 days Chefchaouen and desert trip:

As travel experts, we have planned and operated hundreds of successful private tours all across Morocco. We offer eight days Casablanca Grand Tour towards Chefchaouen and Merzouga… Morocco is a populace of vivid hues filling every part of ethnic and modern life. Mosques are adorned with green tiles and cities shine with blue paint under the shadow of mountaintops around the corner. Blue-Bedouins decorate the desert, red walls circle the old cities, and even the spices emit rich colors. Your adventure through the imperial cities and the Sahara Desert is oriented to ascertain a memorable individualized travel through Morocco. Pink flamingos relax in the calm distress of a desert lake. Golden sand spreads across the Sahara Desert. The wonders of Morocco are unending: located in the way of life, scenery, and lasting hues.

DAY 1: ARRIVAL transfer from CASABLANCA AIRPORT to your hotel:

The city of Casablanca flurries against the receding tide of the Atlantic Ocean. The gentle wind brushes across the view and conveys the scent of the sea. The bright blue juxtaposes the green tiles that adorn the Hassan II Mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the world. Palm trees lie along the broad avenues. Public buildings encompass Place Mohammad V Square. The buildings glow enchantment and wonders, combining ethnic Islamic design with neo-Moorish frontals, and full of lush vegetation. Palm trees lie along the pedestrian walks. A large fountain squirts water into the air and injects chilling wetness to the ambience.

Your personal transport is waiting at the airport on your arrival and takes you to your conducive sleeping quarters. Your escort meets you at the hotel and guides you through the most metropolitan of Moroccan cities. The vigor is perceptible, arising from a modern mindset that emanates from the inherent link with the city’s as well as Morocco’s heritage. The Cathedral du Sacre Coeur was built in the 1930s and combines ethnic Moroccan style with European splendor. A curved arcade lines a park that rests in the steeple’s shadow. The scent of cypress whiffs from the trees. The city is full of components of its more modern past, suggesting French colonialism while perpetually pressing on into the contemporary, worldwide economy.


Going to the Blue The city awakens in the morning when the scent of freshly extracted tea comes with breakfast. The mere delight of aroma and savoury brings new pleasure to the beginning hours of the day. Your personal transport meets you at your accommodation after your breakfast and guides you to Chefchaouen. The city is called the “Blue Pearl”, and is sitted under the rough crests of the Rif Mountains.

The mountains look across an exuberant valley and ascend to a height of 8,054 feet. The city is as old as 15 centuries and at first looks like the medieval, red-roofed cities around Morocco. You soon discover the city’s combination of colours the farther you walk along the medina. The streets serve as steps and ascend the hills. At first, you see an occasional blue door, then a blue colour wall. All of a sudden, the entire alley is blue, from the doors to the pebbles on the road. The colour looks like an unclouded sky.

The city’s hues rise from a Jewish custom of dyeing threads. The city blends Berber, Muslim, and Jewish tradition with those of Moorish Spanish expats. Redolent herbs proceeds from local homes. Captivating brass teapots are exhibited in close hillside streets that make up the old city. Traders wave craftsman sliver bangles that chime. Cushy veils shine with colour and embroidery. In the late afternoon, you can rest in an upper side coffee shop with a view of the blue city breaking into red rooftops below.

DAY 3 : CHEFCHAOUEN TO Fes: Medieval Symphony

The sun shines off of the blue walls and stretches over the paving stone streets. In the gentle luminescence of the morning, it is difficult to know where the rooftops ends and the open sky starts. Saffron is lightly added to mint tea and gives off a simple, graceful savour. Your personal transport meets you after your meal and takes you to Fes. The city resembles a time capsule, personifying the archaic time when Fes prospered. Bab Boujloud, called the Blue Gate, covers the outer gates of the medina.

The French built the 1913 reconstruction of the original 12th-century gate. The sun shines on the brilliant blue tiles and glows against the blanche sandstone edge. The triple curves open up to pedestrians and leads into the medina. Towers and domes make the horizon and add to the city’s loftiness. The old city buzzes with metal smiths sculpting and inscribing their work. The tannery forms a distinguishable leathery scent moving around the fair.

Go with your escort along the streets and discover a historical building in every nook. The MedersaBouInania was built in the 14th century and maintains a jewel-like quality. The fine components filling the theological school form the bigger, dainty design. Green tiles blanket the tower and roofing of the building. Carved cedar lines the ceiling as pillars. Marble floors make a soft resonance with every step taken. When you look intimately between the building pillars you can see handmade ornaments slightly texturing the space.


After breakfast your personal transport guides you away from the old city walls to the MidleAtlas Mountains. The mountain array stands at a peak of 10,472 feet. Midelt is a town famous for its Berberb heritage and its closeness to a cedar forest. The grand elevation of the High Atlas Mountains rise against the high peak plan. The scent of couscous blows gently out of local homes, a distinctive Berber dish.

In October, the town is filled with tourists from all over Morocco determined to visit the Apple festival. The scent of fresh red apples whirls between the streets, from raw to cooked apples. The close cedar forest accommodate a larger population of Barbary apes. The aroma of cedar is potent and tinted with spice. They idle under the shade and can develop to a weight of more than 30 pounds. Infants ride on their mother’s backs and view the world moving by. Yellowish brown fur protects their bodies, allowing a round area of pink around their eyes. The natural elegance of the macaques in between the trees add to the stunning horizon surrounding mountains.


Merzouga is a little town bordering the golden sands of the Sahara Desert. The bumoy outcropping of the horizon shows the best soil of the immense wild. The scent of rough, lukewarm earth is predominant. You go with your escort into the landscape and reach a lake called Lake Merzouga. Camels drift beside the water’s banks and move towards the occasional green foliage that stems out of the rough earth. When the water visits the scorched earth flamingos tarry in the cool lake. They stand in groups and add a touch of colour to the bubbling surface. From afar, you can see the start of the dunes.

The sand dunes live up to the picture of what majority of people envision the Sahara to be, a show of nature’s raw strength with tumbling lifeless sand. Nevertheless, on arrival at the dunes, you find beauty in the privacy. Erg Chebbiis  length of dunes surrounding 17 miles. One dune can ascend over 525 feet off the desert floor, resembling a mountain rather than sand made hill. The breeze sweeps sand across the horizon and produces a falling effect. The sun sets and stars cover the night sky.


The sun rises above the dunes in flaps of colour. Mystifying reds and oranges change to pink along the sand. When the sun rises in full over the desert the pink and purple dunes change to gold. You go back to Merzouga and proceed through the profound Todra Gorges. The cliff walls ascend above 525 feet the valley and Gorges contracts to a width of 33 feet close to the end. The red, awkward rock lok is strong. A little river wanders through the basin and easily etches the Gorges’s current course. During rainy season the river advances and water flows down the cliffs. Bright green foliage blossoms along gracefully arranged waterfalls. You reach Ouarzazate at noon and discover a reinforced city made of mud.

Towers and pillars assist the old walls. The town ascends in a flush, decorated with a storehouse allowing sights of the winding streets and vast desert. Mountains bend downward into the plains. Aït ben Haddou is the bigges Kasbah in Morocco and keeps its medieval atmosphere, shown in movies like Kingdom of Heaven and Jesus of Nazareth. A small number of families still live in clay building. Windows are open to weather and you can go through the meandering stairs to the rooftops. Locals invite you into their dwellings where the scent of fresh herbs and spices boil with the couscous and steaming meats. Colorful handmade veils are hung on the walls


The mud walls of Ouarzazate fade behind the ascending hills of the High Atlas Mountain. Your personal transport guides you along the Tizin’Tichka Pass at a height of 7,415 feet. Snow resides on the top and washes off during the summer months. The pure horizon is stunning in its tranquility. Get to Marrakech called Morocco City to historical travelers journeying along the trans-Saharan trail, and the Red City to tourists enchanted by the strength and painting of the medina walls. The red moderate pigment is the start of the city’s liveliness.

The new city, built by the French in the 20th century, rests against the medina as old as the medieval times. When you get inside the old walls you discover the perfect maze alleyways that have charmed tourists worldwide. Traders exhibit heaps of spices along the fair. The scent of nutmeg mixes with turmeric. They are  both overpowered by the aroma of sweet paprika. Your escort takes you through the bending, constricted lanes. You can view the rising tower of Koutoubia Mosque, the only building forming a unique skyline.

Locals tarry around Djemaa el Fna Square. Heritage is perceived in the hums of the snake charmers and tales of the narrators. Your escort interpretes one of the stories as families gather round the storyteller. Women in free, vibrant cloaks colour local and tourist women’s hands and arms with henna. In the evening you can see the boisterous and captivating scenery from a rooftop coffee house. Taste the relaxing flavor of local mint tea and rest on a variety of pillows with a sight of Morocco City.

DAY 8 : Enduring Imaginations

The adhan proceeds from the Koutoubia tower. The relaxing sound disappears and is substituted by the stewing cries of traders pushing their carts to the square. Juice and fruit kiosks heap grapefruit and dried figs into cone lumps. Almonds and walnut rest on honeyed dates. The day starts and you see a cup of mint tea with citrus flavour in your hands for breakfast. Shortly, your personal transport will drive you to the airport but some pictures of Morocco will never disappear, from the tea to graceful geometric art, to breathtaking dunes and lively tanneries. Your journey may have come to an end, but you’re already planning your next visit.

8 days Imperial Cities & Sahara Desert Tour of Morocco

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8 days Casablanca Grand Tour - Chefchaouen and desert trip

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