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Program For desert and culture tour:

The VIP tour of Morocco is designed to give you memories that will last a lifetime and leave you wanting more, experience the best of Moroccan hospitality as you have the vacation you deserve.

DAY 1:  Casablanca - Arrive in Casablanca and enjoy a full Day tour of the City

Welcome to Morocco, a country imbued in legend, culture and luxury. Your personal luxury transport meets you at the airport and takes you from Casablanca passing along palm tree-lined landscape. The Atlantic Ocean brushes up against the coastline. Hassan II Mosque stands proud on the shore against the lapping water. Adjust to the comforts of your hotel located centrally before meeting with the guide for a private tour around the city. The pleasant smell of the ocean is inviting and ever present.

The tour guide leads you through different streets and neighbourhoods that shows the city’s modern character, motivated by its rich and vast history. Casablanca retains an all inclusive ambiance with modern day restaurants overflowing with aromas of different regional recipes, spices and barbecued meats. The city is the commerce centre of the country, providing distinct luxury for the indigenes and tourists. The tour brings you to the Hassan II Mosque and you see the magnificence of the imposing structure constructed in 1993. The minaret is the world’s tallest at almost 670 feet.

Even though the mosque was built in recent years, you find elements of traditional Islamic architecture combined with Moroccan elements. The main prayer hall is located on the ground floor and is beautified with ceramic tiles put together to form colourful, geometric shapes. Cedar adds earthly characteristics to the stronf and glossy marble pillars that shape the hall. Chandeliers dangle from numerous domes, the glass used is imported from Muran, Italy. The rich décor manifests power and prestige, at the same time showing devotion.

DAY 2 : CASABLANCA to Fes – Move to Fes with a Tour of Rabat, Meknes, and Volubilis

The morning filled with the calls to prayer coming from the Minaret at Hassan II Mosque. After breakfast, you leave behind the modern city and its luxuries and explore the noble and legendary past. Move through Morocco’s capital Rabat and on to Meknes, one pof the famous four imperial cities. The humble ambiance of Meknes comes from its position in the shadows of nearby Fes. The relaxed environment offers the private access to the windy narrow streets of the old city called Medina.

Fertile planes surround the city and stretch to the Middle Atlas Mountains. You take note of the differences in architectural sructures between the recent French constructs of the west to the medina in the east. Bab-el-Mansour is the most distinguished imperial gateway in the country. The gate was built in the 18th century and remains preserved at its best. The colourful textile border has faded but once a refined polished green. The remaining color and powerof the Moorish arches and thick pillars are still appealing and equally impressive.

The granaries of Moulay Ismail, known as Heries-Souani, were constructed to retain tiny windows and massive walls, together  with a system of underground water channels to cool the interior. The stables hold up to 12,000 horses. The vaulted ceilings have been re-established to an impressive degree. The stone remains cool against the afternoon’s warmth. You can stroll along the restoration and ruins to see the distinctive design and eventual decay of the massive project. Soon you will continue to Fes and find comfort in your accommodation, which was once a nobleman’s mansion.

DAY 3 : Exploring  Fes – A day Tour of the Imperial City

The culture and traditions of Fes is reputable because of its perseverance through time. The different elements that made the medina and the middle aged city wealthy have made an environment that can’t be compared with dueto its ties with its history. Your extravagant Riad-style lodging is located at the centre of the city. Your guide meets you after breakfast and takes you on a private tour of the best preserved medieval city in the Arab world. The pleasant smell of citrus fills the air  

There is a model within the streets of the country’s medinas, you notice that and the narrow winding passage. In Fes, you find alleyways created by architecture and brightly painted doors. An aroma of leather overtakes the medina. You hear the sound of metals on metals and chaffing pelts. The tanneries are old as they date back to the 12th century and fill the old city with the familiar, homely and ancient fragrance that passes the vendor. The tanneries are close to the leather shops.

The leather shop workers shape the fabric into bags, coats, and belts. The pits are filled with dyes of different colours that stain the leather into a chosen color. Your guide leads you through the historic and legendary streets of the city and takes you to a rooftop café strategically located to overlook the entire Medina. Enjoy the freshly brewed mint tea that blends with the sweetness of honey and the herbal aroma as you have a relaxing time overlooking and musing over history.

DAY 4 : Fes to  Merzouga – Meet with the Mountain Villages and the Ziz Valley

Fes leaves an unforgettable impression on you, its amazing with its unque blend of history with the modern ages giving you an appreciation for history. Relax at breakfast and enjoy the delicacies of tangy yoghurt and sweet honey. The scent of mint tea is said to awaken the senses and walnuts as a plus have a textural crunch. Your private transport takes you out of the city and makes your way to the desert town of Merzouga. On your way to the desert plateau, you pass through the Middle Atlas Mountains. The mountain range’s highest peak is JbelBouNaceur at a height of almost 10,960 feet.

The mountain air is fresh all year long. Enjoy the relaxed and settled pace and alpine environment of the university town of Ifrane. The fresh sweet smell from the cedar forest fills the streets.storks nest of rooftops making it a dreamy atmosphere. King Mohammad VI vacations in Ifrane during winter, waking the laid back mood and traditional Berber culture that exists even today on the town’s fringes. When you arrive in Merzouga and unwind in your opulent Riad, which provides you a unsullied and private view of the desert that goes beyond the village.

DAY 5 : Merzouga – Have fun on Camel Back in a Sahara Desert Exploration

The dreamy scenery of the desert, the sun hovers over the horizon of the Sahara desert and spreads a glowy brightness across the sand. The awe of the atmosphere is unforgettable, filled with a landscape that is enviable and an endless smoothness of sweeping sand. Outskirts of Merzouga’s borders are DayetSrji, a salt lake that comes up in the spring. The blue sky reflects on the water and sits at the base of a rising sand based hill. Flamingos linger in the water, their feathers turns pinker the more they feed. Falcons circle the sky and leave a small, dancing shadow on the ground. The beauty of the scenery is enough to put songs in our hearts and stories on your lips.

Tracks left by desert foxes are shown by the tour guide. The dry landscape leaves you wondering how anything can survive, but the highly spirited birds and unseen foxes are proof of a vibrant life and eco system and the fragile awe of an harsh environment. Ride on a camel’s back into the desert with experienced professionals. When the sun begins to set, the stars getting brilliant as the day comes to an end, the scent of cooked meat stems from the traditional cooking pit. The enticing spices fill the desert air and creates a lavish atmosphere underneath the stars.  

DAY 6 : MERZOUGA TO DADES – Explore In and around Todra Gorges and Dades Valley   

The sunrise provides an ample chance to watch the day layer the desert with a rainbow of colour. The desert sky is cool and bright in the morning. You feel the breeze on the sand beneath your feet. The desert looks like an alignment of colours, tiered with pink and purple, orange and red until the sun takes its full form over the horizon. Once again, you aboard your came land make your way to the famous Erg Chebbi sand dunes. The dunes spread over an area of 17 miles. The magnificence of the dunes is apparent especially when you see how large they grow, some as high as 524 feet. The desert continues to display natural majesty, from the splendour of the lakeside fauna to the landscape. You get back to Merzouga to meet your private transport and make your way through the astounding rock walls of Todra Gorges and onto Dades valley.

DAY 7 : DADES TO Marrakech – Travel the Road of 1,000 Kasbahs before getting to Marrakech

Today you move across the road of 1,000 kasbahs on yourway to Marrakech. The road leads you to KalaatM’gouna, a town that is at the center of an oasis. The rocky hillsides look over the verdant flatland. kalaatM’gouna is made of the same golden earth that’s in the mountains, making it stand out in splendour amongst the greenery. The scent of flowers becomes stronger as you get closer to town. In spring, the environment is filled with thousands of blossomed small pink roses. Local women harvest the petals on the fields .The women wear colourful djellabas, loose hooded garments with long sleeves. 

The petals are used to perfume creams and lotions, the color of the women’s clothes contrast with the bright pink flowers. An estimated 2,600 miles of rose edges fill the region. You get to the Ait Ben Haddou Kabash, the largest fortress in Morocco, and was built in the 18th century. The oxidized red stone that make up the town and the walls replaces the bright pink of the countryside. The mud buildings traverse the hillside and provide beautiful views from the environment. The corner towers have defended the town from invaders for centuries and now hold significance and a tourist site to visitors arriving from far away countries/continents.   

DAY 8 : Marrakech – Enjoy a Tour of Morocco’s Red City

Djemaa el Fna Square comes alive with indigenous vendors selling lively carpets and traditional meals. The pleasant scent of freshly baked bread with the aroma of Zatar fills the air. Mint and honey remain on the rooftops brewing in the tea. Story tellers provide epic tales of Morocco that dates back to pictures of flying carpets and intelligent and feisty maidens. The grandeur of Marrakech is in its strong ties to the past. Narrow passages from the main square, your tour guide leads you through the city’s notable sites. Lively red walls surround the medina and explains Marakech’s namesake as the   “Red city”

You get to Bahia Palace; an architectural fabric built in the 19th century and considered the grandest citadel of the 19th century. Green flutters off walls, from mosaic genius to woven textiles. The gardens are placed over two acres. Rooms are set to open into the courtyard where the refreshing fountains provide a cooling atmosphere. The interior décor of the palace is embellished from floor to ceiling. The Grand court is gilded in addition with artistic wood work. The harem occupies almost 20 acres and has 150 rooms. Hand woven silk panels and stained glass windows add wonderful aesthetic to the quarters. The luxurious décor of the palace adds to the majesty of Marrakech and the attraction of Morocco.    

DAY 9 : Marrakech to CASABLANCA

It’s another morning in the beautiful city and the lights of the medina fades. The aroma of honey accompanies breakfast and the delicious crunch of walnuts. The familiar sounds of the city returns in the morn, filled with the active snake charmers’ pungi and the hush tones of futures foretold by fortune tellers. Enjoy and relax in the luxury of your lavish historic mansion accommodation before your private transport meets you. Before you make your way home, relax in the fresh morning breeze; indulge in the soft trickle of the fountain against the artistic mosaic walls.

9 days Casablanca desert and culture tour

It's always a beautiful day in Morocco, Nature at its best in the Mountains and deserts that will definitely take your breath away, the sound of the waterfalls through the cedar forest makes it for an exciting wake up call. Experience the luxury that was once for Moroccan royalty and elites, the mansion full of history and awe accompanied with the pleasure that you get to experience.

9 days Casablanca desert and culture tour - Explore best of Morocco

Photography tour from Casablanca

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Merzouga excursion with local guide

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Lunches, soft drinks.


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